3×1 Waxing Body Hair Removal Device


3×1 Waxing Body Hair Removal Device



It is fast performance, no longer time or cumbersome body removal process accurately and effectively removes hair regarding any size, length or position of the hair very easy to use and lightweight for easy carrying and take it anywhere Use for all parts of the body easily Minimizes the body hair growth with regular use and delays growth Your skin will be soft and smooth in minutes Just plug the base of the device and apply it to the base of the device and install it on the base of the device leave for about 15 minutes until wax is left to smooth and unplug the electricity from the device. We use a thin layer of wax roll on the area of the body to be depilated; apply a tissue piece and press on it Pull the tissue piece easily and reverse the direction of hair growth appliance, wax and removal tool


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